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Express yourself by handpicking customised fine jewellery that matches your style. As a leading fine jeweller in Hong Kong, Niya K showcases an exclusive range of custom-made fine jewellery including engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, diamond bracelets and more. We can design and create a vast range of pieces across all price points. Browse through our gallery for inspiration and customise your bespoke fine jewellery with us.

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FAQs – Bespoke Fine Jewellery Hong Kong

1. What kinds of fine jewellery can you customise?

 We customise a host of fine jewellery and statement pieces that go beyond the norm in Hong Kong, from engagement rings and wedding jewellery to tennis bracelets using diamonds, pearls and gemstones. We create men's jewellery as well! Contact us to discuss ideas and get preliminary quotes.

2. How long does the process take?

It usually takes 4-6 weeks from discussing your initial ideas to unveiling the final piece. 

3. Is bespoke jewellery expensive?

As a leading fine jeweller in Hong Kong, we strive to ensure our customised jewellery is more cost-effective than a similar ready-made piece in a retail store. Our business is structured to keep the prices extremely competitive.

4. Why should Niya K’s custom-made jewellery be my top pick?

Given our background, we are a jeweller that checks all the boxes – from design expertise and quality manufacturing to an extensive sourcing network for the best diamonds and gemstones. We have built a trusted relationship with our customers, and for that, we ensure you get the custom-made jewellery you want.

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